Friday, November 4, 2011

Chicago Home Remodeling Starts With Specification Planning

Have you ever though undergoing Chicago home remodeling? Is your home getting outdated and you basically just want to do a make over? If that’s the case, then Chicago home renovation or remodeling could be the best solution. It’s a better option compared to start all over again, right? However, a lot of challenges will surely come into your way that might be enough to get you discouraged. One of the biggest challenges you will encounter is the right planning scheme for the remodeling project. It would even be harder if you don’t have any knowledge about remodeling at all. It’s either you hire a contractor and let them do it or ask guidance from a reliable Chicago home builder contractor who would take care the remodeling project.

Planning would always come first before anything else. Starting your Chicago home remodeling follows the same time line. The first thing to plan is the specifications of the project where room designs, layouts, plumbing, flooring, roofing, lighting, materials, and landscaping, and interior decorating are identified. Chicago home builder also provide a specification sheet that could be very helpful to both home owner and contractor. Once you have an organized specifications plan, it would be easier for the Chicago home renovation and remodeling expert to design a remodeling draft. Also take note that the specifications depend on the architectural type of the home. 

Here are a number of home styles that most Chicago home remodeling experts encounter.

1) American Four Square – this type is the most common and popular American homes that are built closely together and having a distinctive square perspective. It is known as the original American home.
2) Bungalow – This style can be distinguished by its dormer windows.
3) Colonial Revival – its focal point is the entrance. If the purpose of your Chicago home renovation and remodeling is to increase the value of your home, then the entrance needs to be an attention grabber.
4) Mission – distinguished by its broad area, red tile roof, exposed rafters, round archways, and square pillars.
5) International - this type of home style was very famous during the 20th century that is distinctive for its flat roof and even windows with the surface of the wall.

Once you and the Chicago home builder have identified the different specifications needed on the type of home you have, it’s also necessary to plan for basements, number of floors, and of course the closets. The success of the whole remodeling project starts with how well a specification plan is done.


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